Get Creative in the Rain


It seems like this rain is never going to end. We had a brief reprieve this week, but another storm is here in the Bay, and it promises to wreak havoc on the holiday weekend — if we let it.

Our new administrative office has brought many AHS employees to my home base of Alameda for lunch breaks and quick errands. Alameda is a great place for outdoor fun — bike rides along the bay, volleyball on the beach, or even kite surfing — but you might not know about some of the fun indoor activities waiting for you on the island as well.

Did you know?

Alameda has an indoor mini golf course right on Park Street?

You can paint some pottery with your kids at Color Me Mine?

There’s also a bead shop on Park Street that hosts classes for you create your next statement piece.

Then there’s always the historic movie theater.

photo by cielodlp, used from Flickr

photo by cielodlp, used from Flickr

Rainy Days at Home

Finding ways to get creative at home when it’s wet outside can be just as fun as braving the rain — sometimes more! Just for the heck of it, let’s try to leave the TV off for at least a few hours and see what we can come up with to do at home.

art-1851483_1920I always use rainy days as excuses to start a painting project, get some baking done, or even launch into a sewing experiment. Is there something you’ve been meaning to get to that always seems to find its way to the back burner? Maybe this weekend is the weekend for rearranging a closet or a pantry. Maybe it’s time for a good closet clean out. I always feel relieved after a nice clean out, but if that sounds like work to you, consider curling up with that book you’ve been meaning to finish, or have a few friends over and throw an impromptu game party. There are so many new and creative games on the market these days, give something new a try!

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination on a rainy weekend. Maybe a movie night is just right for you, and maybe there’s something out there that you didn’t consider getting into. Hopefully I’ve sparked a few ideas!

Your Turn

What do you like to do on a rainy day? Share in the comments below.


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