Announcing the GCC End of Event Celebration!

GCC logo

We’ve officially ended the 100 day step challenge with the GCC, and we’re ready to celebrate!

Mark your calendar for October 7th at 12:30pm. We’ll be holding an End of Event Celebration party at the Highland Care Pavilion, and all GCC participants are welcome to join in the fun!

At this event, we’ll share the results from the competition — where we started as an organization and how far we’ve come — in addition to some of the top performing teams and individuals, most improved, and much much more! We’re excited to share in this awesome celebration, where we’ll have music, food, joy, and laughter.

RSVPs will be necessary for this event, and in case you can’t come in person, you’ll also be able to join in virtually through our video conferencing platform! Be on the lookout for invitations in your inbox with all the details on how to sign up.

Actual space AND virtual space is limited, so please RSVP quickly for this event.


It’s Not Over!

The 100-day challenge may have come to a close, but the GCC journey is NOT over. There will be a number of ways to stay involved with the GCC, continuing to track your steps, challenging friends to duels, and tracking other aspects of your health and wellness for virtual trophies to add to that awesome trophy case.

There will also be a number of mini-challenges that we’ll be announcing as the year progresses, so stay tuned for future GCC fun! Don’t forget, you CAN continue to log your steps if you want to, so don’t quit if you’ve hit your stride!


Come Celebrate with Us!

A formal invitation and details on how to RSVP will be in your inboxes shortly!

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