The Power of Giving Back

When it comes to personal wellness, we often end up focusing on ourselves and what we can do better our health and wellbeing. While eating well, exercising, and making sure we get enough sleep are all really important for our physical health, they aren’t the only things we can focus on to improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

Research suggests that a large component of personal wellbeing is found in fostering a sense of meaning and purpose. When comparing activities that foster that sense of purpose (giving) to those that don’t (taking), we find that wellbeing is much greater. In other words, “doing good” leads to “being good.”

At AHS, we recognize that feeling every day in the work we do to serve our community. This weekend, we have the opportunity to do more in the 21st Annual Creek to Bay Day. This weekend, consider gathering a group together or joining up with an existing group for a beach or creek clean up in Oakland! Out waterways are precious for the wildlife that lives there and the cleanliness of the community.

Creek to Bay Day

Register here and learn about how you can help out this weekend. The registration form won’t work on Internet Explorer, so make sure you use a different browser. Bring your friends and family — all tools are provided, and the weather is supposed to be beautiful. Might as well get outside and do something awesome — you’ll be helping the community and boosting your own wellbeing in the process.

For more information on how to find a volunteer site and what to do when you get there, check out the City of Oakland website.



photo sourced from the City of Oakland Website

photo sourced from the City of Oakland Website

photo sourced from the City of Oakland Website

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