Rounding the corner to the finish line with the GCC

We’re almost at the finish line with this year’s 100 day step challenge from the GCC! With just one final stage of this challenge left, there are lots of ways to participate, much fun left to have, and many steps left to take!

We have some amazing top performers here at AHS in this year’s challenge. Here are the teams that have made major positive changes in their step counts since the start of the challenge:


Here are the top performing teams in the system:Slide2

Here are the top individual performers for this year so far — looks like they’re neck and neck!Slide3

We have some fun mini-challenges and opportunities for you for the last leg of this challenge. Get excited! You could be a winner!

Mini Challenge: Join the Club

Measure your total steps over seven days to see if you can become a member of the exclusive ‘100,000 Club’.

Successful completion of a mini-challenge will score kudos and a shiny new trophy to add to the cabinet.

August 11 – 17, will you join the club?

Competition: Where in the World

If you’re looking for a little extra competition, here’s your last chance to bring it on. All participants are encouraged to enter – you’ll then be in the running to win a GoPro Camera or GCC Merchandise!


Enter a photo of you getting active somewhere around the world. Whether this be in the great outdoors, or inner city, we want to see them!

Entries: August 10 – August 21. Voting Period: August 24 – August 30.

That's me climbing in Tuolomne Meadows!

That’s me climbing in Tuolomne Meadows!

UNICEF: Make a Difference

Amsterdam. Iraq. Laos. Arizona.

If you’ve passed through these locations, you’ll have noticed the opportunity to learn the incredible journey that is the first 100 days of a child’s life and how you can help in what is the most critical time, not only for a child’s survival, but for a life of health and happiness.

Check back to these locations to see how you can make a difference.


Last Leg: Key Dates

If you can already believe it, we are nearing the 100 day mark of our virtual journey. Here are a few important dates we want you to keep front of mind:

September 1st: Last day of the 100 Day Journey
September 5th: Last day to enter your steps into your GCC profile

This is not the end! Stay connected to your GCC Community right through to next March by checking into your profile any time.couple-1210023_1920

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