Relaxing into the late summer

After three solid weeks of wellness event activities, I have to admit it, I’m spent! In conjunction with a far too ambitious plan to revamp our back yard, digging up all of the grass and preparing for a dry scape to save water, I’ve been on a “wellness road show and falling behind on my day to day work.

In case it wasn’t obvious yet, this post will be about combating stress. Here at Healthy Me, we don’t tend to endorse particular apps or products, but today I’m going to share an app I’ve been using to calm myself down with all the overwhelm I’ve been feeling.

The app is called Hear and Now by BioBeats. Using biofeedback through the camera of your smart phone, this app helps you learn how to calm yourself down through the power of the breath. It’s actually pretty remarkable what it’s able to do.

I have a reminder set for each day to ping me around 4pm to do the very short breath work associated with the app. At the end of the very short session, you’re able to assess your experience and understand how well you were able to sync up your breath with the queues given through the app. It’s so simple, you wouldn’t believe that it works, but it’s really been a nice thing for me during such a hectic period of the year.

If you have a smart phone and would like to try this free app, please share your experience in the comments below. I’d love to know how you feel about it.

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