AHS Wellness Fairs are Here!

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This year’s wellness fairs are upon us! I’m excited to be partnering with the financial benefits team to offer the Wellness and Financial Fitness fairs as a joint effort again this year. Come see us when we visit your facility! The theme is outdoor adventure — whether you’re into hiking, biking, jogging, throwing the frisbee with a friend, or simply planning a picnic, we have you covered. Take the first step on the trail to health and wealth at this year’s event. Check out the schedule below and mark your calendar to come see us.*


Fair Calendar

*this event is only open to AHS employees, medical staff, and contractors

This year, we’re giving away goodie bags that will make you smile and get you outside and ready for action. Every attendee will receive a trail map from the Healthy Me table. You will then visit each table at the event and get a stamp on their trail map. Once you visit every table and get your trail map stamped by each vendor, you’ll return your trail map in exchange for an outdoor goodie bag.

Portable Folding Picnic Table + Umbrella will be Raffled at Every Campus!

canvas tote bag filled with a frisbee, sani-wipes, lip-balm, sunscreen, and a pocket mister to keep you cool

Your trail map will also double as a raffle ticket, so don’t forget to put your name on it! We’ll run a drawing at EVERY SINGLE CAMPUS this year for a chance to win a portable picnic table, bench, and umbrella!


Don’t miss your chance to win. In addition to winning these fun prizes, you’ll also have the opportunity to talk with our wellness and financial partners — get a massage, a chiropractic consult, community acupuncture, or meet with an advisor to receive your total compensation statement from AHS. We’re excited to get these TEN events off the ground this year, so come see us!



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