Farmigo Delivery at Fairmont Hospital

farmigo fairmont hospital

Starting June 6th, Fairmont Hospital will become an official delivery site for Farmigo, a farmers’ market food delivery service, connecting local growers, ranchers, fishermen, and artisans with consumers seeking top quality food.

Employees from Fairmont and John George will likely be the main customers for this service, but in an effort to expand our many wellness offerings to the community at large, we have invited Farmigo to publicly advertise our location as a drop site for any community member who would like to pick up farm fresh groceries each week. All AHS employees are welcome to place orders through this site, provided that they are able to pick up their orders within the delivery window. It’s our intention to support local farms and businesses while making fresh, healthy foods accessible both to our employees and those we serve in the community.

Kick Off Sampling Event

In an effort to drive excitement around this new service, Farmigo has agreed to offer free samples to AHS employees on June 1st at 11:30am. Tastings will be held at Fairmont AND John George.

  • Fairmont Cafeteria 11:30-1:30pm
  • John George Break Room near the Loading Dock (downstairs) 11:30-1:30pm

farmigo fairmont hospital

Who is Farmigo?

Farmigo is in the business of making a food system that’s better for everyone, from farmers to eaters. By working with local farmers directly, Farmigo is improving on the grocery store model, bringing their customers fresher food than you could possibly find anywhere else. The produce is literally picked to order — you place your order for romaine lettuce, and the farmer goes and picks your head of lettuce. This model creates less food waste and a better wage for the farmers. Farmigo farmers use clean, non-GMO, sustainable growing practices. All meat products you’ll purchase through Farmigo are raised or caught humanely and conscientiously.

How does Farmigo work? 

  • Farmigo has created a website dedicated to our Fairmont Hospital Location. You’ll need to use this website every time you place an order, so consider bookmarking it or saving it somewhere that’s convenient.
  • Orders need to be placed each Thursday for Monday delivery.
  • A Farmigo site leader will receive your order for you, sit with it between 2pm and 4pm every Monday and wait for you to come pick it up.*

*Items that are left past the 4pm pick up window will be left unattended in the Fairmont Cafeteria. Please keep this in mind as you place your order each week — if you won’t be at work on a Monday, you’ll need to arrange for a coworker to pick up your order or skip your order for that week.

farmigo fairmont hospital

We’re very excited to get this project off the ground and are eager to expand this offering to other AHS locations. If you have any questions, email Toni Sicola, Wellness Program Manager, at


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