Bike to Work Day 2016 Recap!

Today’s post is a brief celebration of a successful Bike to Work Day at San Antonio park! We had 47 bikers come through and gave away all 30 bags we stuffed with the volunteers from Bike East Bay. I think next year our newly established Energizer Station will require a few more bags to last through the whole morning. I’d say it was a success! Felix (nurse for homeless outreach at Highland Hospital) and I sure had a fun couple of hours together flagging down bikers to give them the goodies.


Bikers we met ranged from high school kids to East Oakland teachers, from downtown office workers to a librarian biking all the way to the library on 81st street. We met many bikers who didn’t know it was officially “Bike to Work Day” and others who had a few errands to run before work but still chose to ride to honor the special day. My favorite biker had a bedazzled helmet, which he decorated himself with Swarovski crystals! Impressive!


Raffle Winners:

We had a a few entries into the Facebook contest this year and are able to give away 3 tee-shirts!

The winners are:

Heather MacDonald-Fine from Highland HospitalIMG_3105

Calvin Chu from Highland Hospital13233028_10209309434363027_2693216361096672146_n

John Puccini from Highland Hospital – the lone Highland visitor to our station yesterday morning.13233129_1247688888582615_5931124697699890873_n

To see all of our pictures from Bike to Work day, check out our Facebook page @AHSHealthyMe.

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