Clarity’s Corner: New Beginnings

We’re back with another installment of Clarity’s Corner. Today, we acknowledge that sometimes the end of January marks the end of our new year’s resolutions. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Claramae shares her insights on how to refocus on what’s important to ensure a happy, healthy, and confident 2016 for you and yours.

clarity's corner

New Beginnings

The New Year always bring up new ‘resolutions,’ new goals to explore. Often times by the end of January most goals disappear because we do not follow through on everything we want to do. We all do it. Instead of being hard on ourselves, let’s find a way to reframe and restart. Let’s take a look at how we can make today the day we get going and move forward.

Be Positive.

When we put our mind to it is where we put the action. Being around positive inspiring people, journaling our progress. Start each day reading an inspirational article that sets the tone for the day.  Reading the “Daily Word” is the one I use each day. Staying in the present moment is the key to this one.

Be Persistent.

Strong successful people never ever, ever give up. Always believe that today is your day. The sign of a warrior is to never give up.

Be Patient.

We want it right now! “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. Remember, the wait is worth it.” Quote: Beverly Sills: Famous opera singer , well known for her positive approach to life. ( Wikipedia)

Be Resilient.

Don’t get thrown of your track. Distractions have a way of throwing us off course. Having a friend or mentor to discuss goals is very helpful. What are the big goals you want to achieve? Believe in yourself, you can do this.

Be Adaptable.

As self awareness expert and guru Og Mandingo said, “Always take the attitude of a student.” We must always learn and grow through life. Be positive, persistent, yet patient.

Onward and Upward

Use these 5 points for yourself this year. Take each one and focus on what will make you more satisfied than ever with your life.

The 5 points were inspired by an article I read by Cynthia Bazin who is a 2015 Success Magazine blog star winner. She has been nominated and voted upon as one of the most influential self development writers and bloggers on the Web. After having read her points I added a few points of my own.

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