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Imagination is far more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world and beyond. – Albert Einstein 

The imagination part of the mind is vital in developing better and easier ways to accomplish old and new tasks. These imaginative ideas can be safely conducted inside a virtual world. Then, if the idea is probable and the function is true, the idea can be actualized in reality. Imagination is the key to new development of the mind and can be shared with others.

Imagination can be classified as involuntary (the dreams from sleep and daydreams.) Voluntary is the reproductive imagination, the creative imagination. That’s the one we have some control over. Conscious meditation, quieting the mind and setting an Intention of something we want is the first step. Then making affirmations that this is already so brings the imagination to a deeper level. The person starts to move from the familiar, which is no longer satisfactory, to a freedom — like stepping out of a box and into new free territory.

Harnessing Imagination for Change

People will stay stuck in the same miserable place rather than making a change. We can gather all the information available on a particular subject and what we want to change but if we do not pay attention and take action from what we learn, nothing will happen. Through imagination, a new way of life will become a reality.

Daily affirmations are very important to help our minds anticipate the change we want to make — the change we’re going to make. I once had a student who could not understand why she was not seeing any change in what she imagined could happen. I asked her where she got her affirmations from. She said, “Some book that has affirmations in it.”

That’s not going to work.

It is through developing trust in our right brain, the pathway to infinity, healing, love, and forgiveness, that anything can happen. So, the right brain imagines and the left brain makes the reality. We can learn to use this spiritual gift of imagination.


My Story of Imagination

My personal journey began in 1982 when I met a woman by the name of Shakti Gawain. She had just published her book on Creative Visualization. I was led to her by one of the nurses in the ED at Fairmont Hospital. After study with her and becoming her workshop coordinator, I started teaching this process through the Discovery Center in Chicago with offices in Cincinnati, and New York. During the four years of teaching, my life completely changed, as did the students I was working with. I knew I wanted to get certified as a Holistic Nurse and as a Healing Touch Instructor doing spiritual energy healing. I ended up finding an opportunity to teach Healing Touch, which I did for 15 years, as a result of the work I did with Creative Visualization.

Then I was led to a woman who was starting a business called The Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapists. I became certified as a spiritual healer and Aromatherapist over the time I was working there. In 1996 my husband died. Shortly after, I received a phone call to be this woman’s first teacher in her new program. I officially retired in January 2015. This story is a road map of how I kept developing along the way using a great deal of imagination and trust.

Now, as a member of the Wellness Committee at Highland Hospital, I am focusing my imagination on bringing information to health care workers here at Highland about how stress can disrupt our health and our lives, and the best way to handle it and minimize it in such a hectic hospital environment.

Toni Sicola, the Dynamic Director of the Wellness Program, and I have joined forces to bring awareness of how to imagine ourselves healthy.

Where wisdom reigns there is no conflict between thinking and imagining. – Adapted from Carl Jung.

2 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. Dear Claramae, you are a remarkable person and I’m so honored for your love and friendship. I’m looking forward to seeing you in December and also meeting your friend.
    G’d Bless you always,


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