Pear Necessities Smoothie

We’re moving into a new era of deliciousness at the Fairmont Smoothie Club! Last month’s recipe was a hit! I have to say that I really don’t even like pears all that much — in fact I’ve only been eating them for the last few years. They were not on the approved list of beige items that my childhood palate randomly deemed acceptable, and I’d just never gotten around to trying them again until a few years ago.

That being said however, I love the “peary-ness” of this smoothie, and so did the ever-growing group at Fairmont Smoothie Club!

Health Benefits of Pears

Pears are high in fiber. In fact, they have even more pectin (a soluble fiber) than apples. Foods high in soluble fiber aid in digestion by bulking the stool and absorbing toxins in the bowel. Pectin has also been shown to lower cholesterol and aid in mild constipation. Soluble fiber is also beneficial in regulating sugar absorption.

Pears are also a great source of vitamins C, K, and E, and minerals copper and potassium. They have a rich phytonutrient profile, which includes antioxidants like quercetin (a natural antihistamine and antiinflamatory) and glutathione which helps prevent high blood pressure and stroke.


Pear Necessities

  • 1 pear, cored

  • 5  frozen strawberries

  • 2 big fists full of baby spinach

  • 1 stalk celery

  • 3 tbs colagen (this is what I use)

  • equal parts coconut water and cold water


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