Creativity and Resilience

Wellness is about a lot more than just what we eat and how much we exercise. It’s about how we feel about our place in the world, how we interact with our surroundings, or sense of purpose, and how we express ourselves. Creativity and imagination are a big part of that, and as we get older, sometimes we get lost in the tangible needs of our lives and forget about our need to be creative. We neglect the need in all of us to do things with our hands, to dig in the dirt, to draw a picture, to sing a song. I know personally, a good round of karaoke every few months really gets me going musically, and that when I’m feeling like I’m ‘in a funk,’ sometimes going into the garage to paint for a few hours helps me find my way out of it.

Flickr image sourced through Creative Commons by Denise Krebs

Flickr image sourced through Creative Commons by Denise Krebs

The folks at MeQuilibrium have dedicated a post to sharing the value creativity brings to personal wellness in the form of resilience.

How Creativity Can Make You More Resilient

What role does creativity play in your life? Do you like to make, cook, paint, write, or glue things together? The more you do, the better off you may be. And while most of us aren’t spending our days doing watercolors or writing songs, that doesn’t mean we should write off creativity, period. Because one of the best reasons to embrace more of it in your life is that it’s a powerful way to build resilience.

That’s what Brene Brown, PhD, told the audience of nearly 4,000 at the recent How Design Live conference, where graphic designers, visual artists, and other creative professionals go for information and inspiration in their industry. Brown, whosefamous TED talk has garnered nearly 20 million views to date, says that the act of creating isn’t just a career—it’s a tool that helps turn ideas into action.


What’s your creative outlet?

Let me know what you do creatively in the comments below!

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