Clarity’s Corner: Sunrise to Sunset

Clarity's Corner (3)

We’re back with another installment of Clarity’s Care Corner. This time, Claramae shares her insights on how we can start and end our days in thoughtful repose.

Sunrise to Sunset

The first sunrise of our lives is when we are born, and the last sunset is when we transition. In the meantime, everyday has its sunrise and sunset.  Being mindful of ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience, it is important to create a peaceful relaxed sunrise. Planning 15 minutes or half an hour of relaxation or meditation to start your day will put your mind, body and spirit in a place of strength to face the day. Sunset also is the time to be mindful that the day has ended and it is time for sleep. Getting ready for bed is another opportunity to honor yourself for all you did that day. Relax your mind as you get ready, thinking of all the positive events that happened and allowing the negative ones to wash away with each breath.

Here are some techniques to consider:

  1. Forgive yourself and let go of any thoughts that may make you unhappy, Embrace your worthiness.
  2. Believe that your personal value is up to you.
  3. Do something new, finding success and satisfaction in the challenge.
  4. Smile, look people in the eye, Be happy.
  5. Laugh, it is the best thing for our brains. Nitrous oxide is released.

As you go, so goes your day.


photo source: Bethany Legg via Unsplash



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2 thoughts on “Clarity’s Corner: Sunrise to Sunset

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