Featuring: Wellness Champion Debbie Garcia of Alameda Hospital

I’m so excited that we’ll be launching a new series here at Passport to a Healthy Me! featuring Wellness Champions from the AHS community.

A Wellness Champion is someone who embodies wellness in the ways they choose to define it for themselves, living out the example for those around them and for the betterment of their own lives. Wellness Champions encourage their families, friends, and coworkers to live healthy, happy lives both through example and support. For one person, wellness might be taking time every morning for a brief meditation or a walk outside. For another it might be teaching her children to cook, finding creative expression through music or art, or doing community service. For yet another it could be doing triathlons, gardening, or committing to a standing lunch date with a loved one every week.

Wellness is Personal

For as many people as there are in this organization — in this world — there too can be that many expressions of personal wellness. How we choose to nourish our minds, bodies, and spirits is as unique as we are as individuals, which is why I’m so excited to share this series. The folks who have come forward to share their own expressions of wellness are doing so in ways all their own, openly and honestly, in order to spread the word about the importance of taking time for ourselves. I’m proud to share the first one with you today.

Debbie Garcia of Alameda Hospital


In Debbie’s words:

I was Health Promotion Manager at Washington Hospital in Fremont for 8 and 1/2 years.

My hobbies are writing Poetry and painting with water colors.  I have run three Marathons, lots of Half Marathons, and many 10 K’s.  I belong to 24 Hour Fitness and workout there.  I take many classes, a Pump class, (lifting weights), Zumba, Yoga and Cycle.  I believe working your body at least one hour a day maintains a healthy body including good eating habits which include fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken. Also getting enough sleep and keeping your stress level in control is important for staying well.

I believe in our Wellness program and being a mentor to the staff.  I joined the committee because of my experience as a Health Promotion Manager.  I believe in our employess and hope to be of assistance in inspiring them to take care of themselves and learn balance and relaxation.

Debbie shared with me that she expresses her creativity through poetry and visual art.

Creative expression allows for us to be truly conscious and in the present moment — something we sometimes forget to prioritize as we rush through the tasks of the day. Allowing time for creativity can open avenues for greatness in our lives, both in terms of physical health (as a result of stress reduction), and spiritual wellbeing. Debbie was kind enough to share a poem and some of her artwork for this post.



If you walk with me I will tell you things
Revealing innermost thoughts
We can view the Bay on the sandy beach
Pondering responses
Air does one good in forward motion
When you look at me
You will know truth
See true colors
And sometimes everyday mistakes
Late to pick you up
Didn’t call you back
Late sending birthday card
Maybe there is no because
I will make you understand
Sometimes there are no answers
Just because…



We Want You!

If you would like to be part of this on-going series featuring AHS Wellness Champions, please email me (Toni Sicola) or reply with a comment below letting me know you’d like to be featured! We’d love to feature folks from all of our work sites all over the county!

We’re hoping to continue to showcase our amazing staff and all the wonderful things you all are doing in your homes, your families, your communities, your work. Thank you for your wonderful healing presence in the Alameda County community, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me about this series!

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