The Easiest Way to Roast a Winter Squash [How to]

Do you fear for your life and limb when attempting to cut open a raw butternut squash; that unwieldy gourd rolling all over the counter top daring you to chop off the tip of your finger? Is the manual labor involved in preparing winter squash a deterrent from eating it for you?


I’m about to show you something that will change your life! 

Roasting Winter Squash Just Got Easier

I learned this trick over the weekend when visiting with a new relative who happens to be a classically trained chef, and I promptly went home and tried it out with an acorn squash I had sitting on my counter.

Here’s what you do:

Turn the oven up to 400. Put your squash in the oven whole for 40 minutes.

2015-02-18 19.53.39

That’s it.

It’s seriously that easy! This works for all winter squash — acorn, butternut, pumpkin, spaghetti, delicata (although these probably need less time because they’re smaller) — you name it, it works! You know it’s done when it gives a bit when you squeeze it. Just make sure you let it cool for a few minutes before you cut it open so you don’t get a steam burn.

After 10 minutes or so out of oven, slice the top off, cut in half, scoop out the innards (save the seeds for roasting!), and it’s ready to serve. This is so unbelievably easy, I almost feel cheated that I didn’t learn it sooner.

2015-02-18 20.09.26

In the fall and winter, this blog is dotted with pumpkin recipes galore, so you know the wonderful benefits of these orange- and yellow-fleshed starchy veggies, and now it’s that much easier to get them going in your kitchen! Simply throw a whole squash into the oven and let it cook as you get the rest of your dinner together. When I made this acorn squash, I stuffed it with cabbage and ground lamb I made in a skillet while the squash was in the oven. It was absolutely delicious, filling, and full of nutritious goodness.

Give this a try this weekend and let me know how it goes!

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