Healthy Holiday Cookie Round-up

‘Tis the season for comfort and joy, and what better way to be joyful than to eat delicious holiday cookies! I’ve rounded up some of my favorites from all over the internet to share with you on this cold rainy day. Perhaps this type of weather is the perfect time to bake a batch or two.

Every recipe I’ll share will be gluten-free and filled with holiday cheer!

Gingerbread Men from Elena’s Pantry

These treats combine low-glycemic sweeteners with the spices of the holidays. I’m not a big fan of agave nectar, so I’d sub maple syrup for it in this recipe for an even healthier alternative.

Jorge Barrios

photo credit Jorge Barrios


Rich Peanut Butter Cookies by Style and Grace

This might very well be the simplest cookie recipe I’ve ever seen. Could make a great gift in a cute package!

photo credit: Janet Hudson

photo credit: Janet Hudson

Brownie Tartlets with Peppermint Glaze by Terri Gruss of About Food

These are adorable and bite-sized. They make for a beautiful presentation at a holiday gathering, bringing in seasonal mint and decadent chocolate.


photo credit: Terri Lee Gruss

Christmas Coconut Balls from Honest Cooking

These were just too beautiful not to include. Admittedly, I haven’t tried this one yet, but since finding it, I’ve been trying to find the time. I just think they’re lovely. I’ve never used powdered milk for any of my own recipes, but with otherwise awesome ingredients, I’m happy to give it a whirl!

photo credit: Honest Cooking

photo credit: Honest Cooking

Raw Peppermint Bark Brownies from Oatmeal with a Fork

Oh my gosh this might be my new favorite thing ever. I am a huge sucker for peppermint bark, and I love finding paleo desserts. Two in one! These are amazing! And vegan! And raw! And festive!

photo credit: Oatmeal with a Fork

photo credit: Oatmeal with a Fork

Flourless Holiday Rum Balls from Cultivated Wellbeing (my other blog)

This is my recipe from my other internet hub, Cultivated Wellbeing. It’s a healthy take on an old holiday favorite, one that’s ever-present at all of my Sicilian-American holiday family functions. Rum balls share a plate with other traditional Italian treats, including the last cookie on this list, the pignoli cookie, another of my favorites.

Holiday  Rumballs (1)

photo credit: Toni Sicola

Italian Pignoli Cookies from Epicurious

Like I said, this traditional Italian cookie is a must-have this holiday season. Most recipes are naturally gluten-free, including this one from Epicurious. This cookie features almond paste instead of white flour, so it’s typically chewy and rich. I look forward to having these every year — one of the few dessert items that doesn’t have to be altered for me to eat!

photo credit: Chixoy through Creative Commons and Wikimedia

photo credit: Chixoy through Creative Commons and Wikimedia


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