Let the GCC Sprint Countdown Begin!

We’re less than one month away from the 16-day GCC Sprint, which kicks off on December 2nd. Do you have anyone in mind that you’d like to challenge for the Sprint? This competition is an individual challenge — you against your favorite walking rival in a 16-day sprint to the finish.


Click here to learn more details about this awesome mid-Holiday challenge!

In the Meantime

  • Did you know that the GCC website is still up and running, waiting for you to take advantage of all it offers?
  • Did you know that the portal has been reopened for you to track your steps online for greater accountability to continue all the awesome work you’ve already done?
  • Did you know that they have tools like the GCC Trailblazer to help you map a route for walking, running, or cycling?
  • Did you know about GCC TV where you can watch inspirational and educational videos?
  • Did you know that the GCC Community page is still open so that you can reach out to GCC competitors all over the world for inspiration, support, and possibly some friendly competition?


Staying Active as the Weather Cools

This time of year, it can be a big challenge to get outside and stay active. Curling up on the couch with a book or your favorite TV show can be all too tempting as the days get shorter and colder and the holidays draw nearer. When I left the house this morning, a thick fog covered everything outside. I wanted to turn around and crawl right back under the covers with my warm, cuddly dog, not sit in the cold car waiting for the windows to de-fog. And today wasn’t even that cold!

While this GCC Sprint is only 16 days long, I challenge you to work your way up to top performance by December 2nd so that you can blow your 16 day challenge out of the water once it launches. I challenge you to pick your partner TODAY and start motivating each other to do the best you can! What do you have planned for a fun, active weekend while the weather will still allow it?

Photo by Nick Krug sourced through Creative Commons

Photo by Nick Krug sourced through Creative Commons

Keep the Momentum Going with a Partner, Human or K9

Have you ever noticed that when your spouse or roommate isn’t around, you wait a little longer to do the dishes? Maybe you have a second helping of dessert? Have you ever noticed that when you’re in the office alone you might spend a little bit more time on Facebook or Twitter? Have you ever had a gym buddy? Maybe they got sick one night and you decided not to go to the gym without them? This is about accountability. This is why groups like Weight Watchers and AA work so well — when you have a person or a group to answer to, you’re more likely to stick with your plan.

As for a K9 partner, who’s more excited to get outside and walk than a dog? Research shows that most dog owners feel more responsible for making sure their dogs get exercise than making sure they themselves get it.

Dr.. Richards said that an overwhelming number of dog owners report walking their dog for the benefit of the dog, and tend to forget there are benefits for humans as well. Whether it is for the dog’s health, happiness, behavior, or motivation there is a sense of necessity and obligation toward the dog. Which of course is great! However, research shows there is clear health benefits for both the human and dog and should be considered in one’s daily activities.”

I know this phenomenon is true for me personally. I’m not a huge fan of running, but I’ll take my dog Dexter for a run on days when she’s stuck home all day, whether I’ve already been to the gym or not. We’re more motivated by our furry friends than we think!

So get out there! Walk with a friend, grab a dog and a leash, get moving! And get ready for the GCC Sprint!

Dexter and me on a run in Redwood Regional Park

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