Staying Active After the GCC

Push to Day 100

With only 1 week left in our GCC 100 Day Step Challenge, I’ve been hearing whispers around campus — folks are wondering what’s next. What will happen to their walking routines once the pressure to track for the sake of the team isn’t keeping them accountable?

Use the Momentum

With the start of September comes a changing of the seasons, which can tempt us to settle into the bottom-shaped grooves in our couches and cozy up for the colder months. I challenge you to resist that temptation and keep the momentum going from your last 100 days of awesomeness. We’ve seen tremendous changes at the organization level as a result of the GCC Step Challenge, which can only mean that each and every one of you has stepped up your game over the last 100 days. I know I have.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Tracking

I have to confess that when this competition started, I was only walking an average of 7,855 steps per day. I was SHOCKED at that number — as the manager of our wellness program with what I considered to be a relatively active lifestyle, I expected my step average to be over 10,000 steps per day without even making an effort.

I was wrong!

It turns out that having a desk job greatly impacts my activity level, and that making a conscious effort is ESSENTIAL for me to reach that 10,000 mark. Today, rounding the corner toward the very last week of this challenge, I’m excited to share that I’m averaging 18,971 steps per day. And without the tracking piece, I never would have known that I wasn’t up to snuff to begin with 100 days ago. Based on the reports from the GCC, you have made similar, if not even greater improvements to your own step count! It would be such a shame to see all those positive changes come to an end. At the end of this challenge, I highly recommend keeping your Pulses right where they are. Keep tracking! Create new goals for yourself. Set a minimum and try to stay above it. It’s impossible to know how you’re doing without some way to track it, so keep it up!

Still Here For You

The GCC website will continue to be available through the rest of the year. Access their nutrition advice and other tracking tools to help you stay on track until next year’s challenge!Walking Groups

Walking Groups

Have you established a walking group over the course of the GCC? If you have, KEEP IT! Don’t lose your group accountability just because the challenge is coming to a close. Stay on top of your team and encourage them to keep moving. 100 days is a long time to establish a habit, but have you noticed how much easier it is to stay consistent than it is rev back up again after a break? Don’t lose steam!

And if you haven’t started a walking group over the last 100 days, consider starting one now to help you stick to your plan. In my own experience, I find that I have so much more energy around 4pm if I’ve taken a quick walk in the early afternoon. Sometimes I go with a friend, sometimes I listen to a podcast, and sometimes I make a phone call that I’ve been meaning to make.

A Great Piece of Advice

A few months back, I was at a wellness conference in Anaheim, and I heard a wonderful piece of advice: Use your desire to connect as your motivation for staying active.

Let me explain.

How many of you have a friend or family member in your lives with whom you wish you kept in better touch? Is it a grandmother? A friend who moved away? Your father? Your sister? An in-law? Do you have more than one of those people? (As a transplant from Texas via Maryland, I know I have quite a few friends I wish I kept in better touch with…) Make a list of those folks, and commit to calling one of them. Then commit to going for a walk while you talk with them. It’s that simple. Being away from distractions will ensure that you have a quality conversation, and you’re able to get two things done, both of which make you feel great about yourself. Making a habit out of this, and doing it consistently, will intertwine the activity with the great feeling of connecting with a friend, and it will keep you coming back for more.

Now it’s your turn

What advice can you share for staying active after the GGC? What have you done over the last 100 days to up your own step average? What do you plan to do to maintain all the awesome habits you’ve created? Do you plan to continue tracking? Please share below; your advice could really help someone at AHS keep going!

Journey Is Reward




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