Acupuncture at Fairmont and Coming to Highland Next!

I’m excited to say that we’ve successfully brought weekly onsite acupuncture services to Fairmont Hospital over the course of the last month. Marie Bowser, L.Ac., is finding her 5 hour weekly blocks in the H building completely booked with both new and returning patients. Those who have the Freedom of Choice AHS Medical Plan are able to take advantage of her services absolutely free, while those using other coverage have a $30 copay. Also a great deal!

Expanding our reach

With the success of this program so far, we’re going to expand these services over to Highland as well. The weekly clinics will take place on Thursdays in the OLD cafeteria, and we’ll hold an informational session right there in that room on September 4th. We hope to get everyone’s questions answered, give you a chance to meet Marie, and book your spot with her. For those interested in starting that very day, Marie will stay for a few hours after the class to do intakes and initial sessions. She also offers services at her private clinic in Albany You can book with her directly or through the website here. While the Freedom of Choice rates do apply at her private clinic, the $30 copay for those covered by other insurance is only offered for the onsite services.

These weekly sessions at Fairmont and Highland represent a fantastic partnership between AHS Wellness and a local vendor eager to accept our newly minted insurance plan. It’s my hope that we can take advantage of partnerships like these as often as possible to bring more quality wellness offerings to you as employees of AHS. For those of you who don’t work at these two sites, if you’re interested in starting a program like this at your campus, please reach out to me and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

More on Marie

5 elements Marie BowserMarie Bowser, L.Ac. has been practicing in an integrative holistic clinic in Albany, CA for the last 4 years. She brings a wealth of knowledge on the subject of integrative health, weaving the eastern teachings of TCM into our modern western lifestyles. She calls on her patients to play an active role in changing their health, supporting each one with her unique combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine and lifestyle & nutrition coaching. Her training in massage therapy, qigong, reiki, meditation & mindfulness and energy work also inform her style of practice.

If you’ve been curious to learn more about acupuncture and TCM, the information Marie shares below is a great jumping off point. Feel free to reach out to Marie to learn more about what her practice offers and how you might personally benefit from TCM.

Five Element Theory and Balancing your Wellbeing

-Marie Bowser

Marie Bowser 5 elements five elements

Chinese Medicine is a system of diagnosis and treatment that relies on the Five Elements. The Five elements not only help to understand balance and imbalance in our bodies but also in our homes (Feng Shui) and in our lives.

Using the Five Elements is not only a fun way of looking at our lives and analyzing where we place our attention, but also a strategy for preventing/shifting illness. I often suggest that my patients look for ways to bring each of the Five Elements into a week, month or year to better achieve balance in their lives.

The Five Elements Theory is a poetic way of looking at the world. It’s also a practical system to analyze the areas of your life that could use a tweak. Personally, when I plan out my weekly to-do list, I categorize tasks by Element. If any particular Element looks overloaded I reorganize my week for better balance. If I don’t have enough fun (fire) planned for myself, I find some to schedule in. If I have a big week at work (wood), I make sure to schedule quiet time knitting or reading a good book (water).

Please follow this link for a brief discussion of the Five Elements, how they relate to the different areas of a balanced life and how we can use them to bring balance into our lives. I’m looking forward to working with you through the Alameda Health System Wellness Program!

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