Tropical Paradise Smoothie

It’s been a good long while since we’ve shared a green smoothie recipe, and that’s because we’ve had to postpone Smoothie Club for a couple of months here at AHS. The summer season has been a busy time with Wellness Fairs, new campaigns like the GCC Step Challenge, and the welcoming of Alameda Hospital into our AHS family!

We’re back on track this month with Smoothie Club, and we’re celebrating the hot weather (despite what might be happening outside my window right now) and our new-found active lives inspired by the GCC Step Challenge with a delicious blend of tropical flavors rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, manganese, potassium, and bromelain. This tasty beverage is a perfect recovery shake after a long hard workout. I know that since we’ve launched the GCC, we’re more active than ever, so I wanted to offer you a great recovery tool to add to your tool belt on your road to wellness.

green smoothie

photo source: studentskizivot, used with permission through Creative Commons

What’s bromelain? you might be asking.

Bromelain is a digestive enzyme naturally occurring in the stem, core, and fruit of the pineapple plant. It’s so successful its role as an enzyme that it’s sold in health food stores in supplement form. Bromelain not only aids in the digestion of protein, it has also been shown to reduce “excessive inflammation, excessive coagulation of the blood, and certain types of tumor growth” when taken as a dietary supplement (source). We’re not including therapeutic doses of bromelain in our smoothie recipe today, but nutritionists and experts on the matter hypothesize that eating the fruit still has some tonifying benefits for our health and wellbeing.


This smoothie is the first smoothie recipe we’ve posted that is NOT vegetarian, because it contains gelatin. Gelatin is sourced from the bones of animals (in the case of this brand, which we’re using today, it’s grass fed cows), and is an excellent source of bioavailable collagen and protein. I’ve been using gelatin in my smoothies for quite some time but have hesitated to share it with AHS because I’ve never actually seen it for sale in brick and mortar stores (I buy mine online), and I wanted to continue to provide recipes with easily accessible ingredients. I chose to share it this month as a new ingredient, because a) it’s a perfect ingredient to include in a recovery smoothie, and b) it has no flavor whatsoever, and I wanted this drink to taste like fruit and fruit only. I tried it first with yogurt actually, and definitely prefer it with gelatin. If you were at Highland when we made this drink with Greek yogurt, I definitely recommend trying it out with gelatin.


When it’s hot outside, our goal is to stay as hydrated as possible. The best strategy for staying hydrated in day-to-day life is to make sure you drink enough water and stay away from sugary drinks like soda, juice, and punch. On a super-active day out in the sun, you might consider drinking some coconut water for extra electrolytes as well.

Today’s smoothie contains three super juicy fruits, romaine lettuce, which houses a lot of water, AND coconut water for those added electrolytes. Great for a post-workout, Tropical Paradise is the perfect remedy to dehydration or overheating.

green smoothie

photo source Claire P., used with permission through Creative Commons

Tropical Paradise

  • ¼ cup pineapple
  • ¼ cup mango
  • 2 or 3 strawberries
  • ½ to 1 head romaine
  • 1 scoop gelatin hydrolysate
  • Coconut milk
  • Coconut water




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