Top 5 Reasons to Start a Walking Group – AHS Wellness Fairs and the GCC!

We’re officially finished with our first week of our 3rd annual Employee Appreciation and Wellness Fairs, and I have to say it’s been non-stop AMAZING!

Having visited Highland Hospital, Eastmont Wellness, San Leandro Hospital, and Fairmont Hospital, with 2 more clinics and one more hospital to go, we are well on our way to having the MOST SUCCESSFUL WELLNESS FAIRS TO DATE!

This year, we are doing it a little differently by encouraging everyone to participate in a “Wellness Walkabout.” Pick up your passport from the AHS Wellness table, get a stamp at every vendor booth, and come back to get a tote bag for your travels!

2014-05-20 12.15.59We also had a goal to get 100 teams of 7 signed up for the Global Corporate Challenge. This is a 100-day step challenge where we’ll be competing with companies from all over the world! So far, we’ve signed up 93 teams, which means we’re 7 away from our goal. I think we can do it!

For more details and to sign up with your team of 7 today, visit our in-house intranet home page ticker for the link!

GCC logoIn case you needed some motivation, I’ve compiled a list for you. Get ready! After reading this, you’ll have no excuse not to join a GCC team!

Top 5 Reasons to Start a Walking Group

1. You’ll be accountable to others.

Having a group of folks depending on you to join their group every day helps keep you accountable to your commitment much more so than if you were walking alone. Your walking mates will be there waiting for you on those days when your motivation is waning or you think you don’t have time. They expect you to make time and honor your commitment to them and to yourself!

2. A team keeps you motivated.

Along those same lines, your team is there to motivate you! Are you competitive by nature? If you have a walker in your group who picks up the pace, maybe that will motivate you to move a bit faster, maybe even for a bit longer! Seeing others work hard is a motivation for you to do the same. Seeing others get results works the same way! Keep up with your team and you’ll be sure to succeed!

3. Walking groups are social.

Having a group to walk with creates a dependable social activity for your calendar. When your exercise doubles as time to catch up with friends and talk about your day, you’re more likely to be excited to get out there and walk! Also, talking is a great meter for you to make sure you’re at a good pace – if you’re able to talk while you walk, you’re keeping a good pace and increasing your lung capacity. Both are great things for your cardiovascular health!

4. Walking is a mood-booster.

When you physically exert yourself your body releases feel-good hormones (endorphins) that help boost your mood, relieve stress, and prevent anxiety. A brisk walk is all it takes to set off this cascade of positivity in your life! Find a partner and get moving.

5. Walking reduces health risks.

We all know that we should move more, but did you know that walking strengthens your heart, your immune system, improves muscle tone, and builds your bones? It also lowers your blood pressure and reduces your body fat. The act of moving and taking an affirming action to take care of yourself also builds self-esteem, which is a motivator to take better care of yourself in general.

2014-05-20 11.48.46



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