May Celebrations and Milestones for AHS

A lot has happened and is happening this month at the doors of Alameda Health System! Here’s a brief overview of what’s happened so far and what’s to come for the rest of the month! I’m so excited to share in these events with you and can’t wait to see some of you along the way! Please mark your calendars!

Yesterday, we celebrated East Bay Bike To Work Day

Some of our most enthusiastic employees rode their bike to work and took pictures with their bikes in front of their work sites.

Biketoworkthumbnail2014We were also honored by the California Breastfeeding Coalition as a Mother and Baby-Friendly workplace, thanks to an awesome collaboration between our wellness department and the lactation team at Highland Hospital! We were one of only companies in the whole state of California to receive this honor on the steps of the Capitol building yesterday in Sacramento.


This Saturday

Marks the end of the much-celebrated Nurses’ and Hospital week at Alameda Health System. Different departments from across the whole organization have signed up to host booths so that employees and their families can come and enjoy the Western-themed fun and excitement. Food will be served, entertainment will be provided (including participatory entertainment!), and our very own KC Fernandez of our Highland and San Leandro Zumba classes  will be leading a few classes throughout the day. Bring your dancing shoes (or boots!) and come enjoy the fun.

Why a Western theme?

Because  we’re on a new frontier of this organization, welcoming new hospitals into our AHS family and entering exciting and uncharted territory! We hope that our employees feel that they’ve struck gold to work here, and we want our patients to feel that way about our care as well!


photo credit Luca Venturi


Also, happy Mothers’ Day to all the mothers out there!

Next week

We’ll be honoring all of the Wellness Center employees who participated in the Health Hero Fresh Start Challenge. Ceremonies will take place at Highland, Eastmont, Fairmont, and Newark, and we’ll be giving trophies and medals to top performing individuals and teams. I’m so proud of all the folks who fought their way to the top of the pile for this wellness challenge, which honored all wellness activities, mind, body, and spirit so that the highest-possible number of folks could participate.Fitness Pictures

May 19th-29th

We will launch our 3rd annual Employee Appreciation and Wellness Fairs at all 7 of our work sites! This year’s fair will be different from all the others — this year, we’re having a WELLNESS WALK ABOUT!

What’s a Wellness Walkabout?

In celebration of our new partnership with the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), an Australian wellness company, we’re having an Aussie-style walkabout. Start at the AHS Wellness table to receive your “Wellness Passport.” Visit every vendor at the fair on your site and get them to stamp your passport. Once your passport is filled with stamps, come back to the wellness table for a zip-up tote bag for your travels!

The GCC will be at the fair to help those who haven’t yet signed up for the 100 Day Global Step Challenge find a team and get ready to go! The first day of the challenge is May 28th, so the earlier you sign up the better to ensure that you get your pedometer in time for the first day of the challenge.

GCC logo

May 31st

Two big events are happening on May 31st. The NAMI Walk and the San Leandro Cherry Festival.

AHS will be represented at both events. The NAMI Walk is a great way to get a jump-start on stepping for the GCC 100 Day Global Step Challenge!

This is an exciting month with tons to get excited for. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions about the challenge. Check out the intranet onsite to find out the date for the fair on your campus, and put on your walking shoes!!


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