[INFOGRAPHIC] Which Vitamins Do What and Where You Find Them

In the past two weeks, I’ve heard 2 people close to me mention that they were tested and found to have a severe vitamin D deficiency. As the “nutrition guru” in many of my friend circles, both people asked me what they could do besides get more sun exposure and temporarily mega-dose the vitamin. (I feel compelled to say here that you should never, ever megadose any vitamins without the supervision of a doctor — both of my friends were prescribed mega-doses of vitamin D and are working with a trained practitioner.)

In an effort to streamline the answer to the question “how do I get more of X vitamin in my diet,” I went looking for a nice, straight forward infographic. And guess what, I found one at none other than InfographicList.com. You will probably not be surprised by what you see below — that fruits and vegetables make up the majority of sources for essential vitamins. (I also feel compelled to say that technically vitamin D isn’t “essential” because your body can make it, but for those who don’t have enough — which is A LOT of people working inside all day and not living on the equator  — it might as well be.) But you might also be interested in knowing that there are certain vitamins (like vitamin D) that only come from animal sources. For this reason, it’s important for vegetarians and vegans to get their vitamin D levels tested regularly — if you’re not getting enough sunlight, there’s a good chance you’re short on this incredibly important nutrient.

Have a look below and see if there’s something there you didn’t already know. I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Happy Friday everyone!

vitamin infographic

Infographic by Dennis de Raaf


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