[INFOGRAPHIC] Pasture-Raised Eggs – What’s the Big Deal?

If you frequent farmers’ markets, specialty stores, or Whole Foods Market, you may have noticed a new category of egg on the market — the Pasture-Raised Egg. You might have also noticed that they are notably more expensive than their conventional or even organic counterparts.

Why are these eggs so much more expensive? you might be asking yourself.

The factory farming/egg/ranching industries have found ways to maximize production, regardless of cost to the environment or the livelihood of the animals they bring to market. You might be thinking “this doesn’t apply to me. I’m not an animal rights activist. An egg’s an egg.” Au contraire! Not all eggs are created equal, and by the time you’re done perusing the infographic below, you might think twice about those expensive eggs. Even better, you might consider joining a CSA that includes eggs each week or maybe even raising some chickens of your own! If only I had room in my yard for such a venture! 

EggInfographic2What kind of eggs do you buy? Do nutrient density, flavor, and ethical concerns weigh in on your decisions at the grocery store? Let’s talk about it below!



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