It’s Running Time! 5 Tips for Staying Hydrated at Oakland Running Festival

The race is on this weekend!


Whether you’re running or walking, you’re doing the 5k, the 1/2 marathon, the full marathon, the relay, volunteering, or cheering on a friend, this weekend is going to be HOT and full of action. With the number of vendors involved and the sheer volume of people that will be at this awesome event  — voted BEST marathon in the West — it’s important to make sure you’re paying attention to your water intake and staying a safe distance from heat stroke and dehydration.


Runners, don’t forget to pick up your wrist and headbands to wipe away your sweat on race day!

5 Tips for Staying Hydrated:

1. Make sure you’re well-hydrated in the few days leading up to race day. We’re down to the wire here, so if you haven’t been conscious of how much you’re taking in, start now. drink half your body weight in ounces each day starting now. So if you weigh 100 lbs, drink 50 oz of water a day. Make sense?

2. Drink 16 oz of water an hour before the race, and then STOP until you’re at the start line, where you can drink a few more sips. This technique is intended to keep your body hydrated without you having to stop to relieve yourself mid-race. Not quite as relevant for the non-runners out there, but still helpful! (source)

3. Choose a cold drink over a warm one. This seems like a no-brainer in hot weather, but the reasoning is really interesting! Studies have shown that when endurance athletes drink cold or even slushy ice water on their longer treks, their perceived efforts decreased, increasing their endurance and allowing them to push for up to 12 minutes longer than those given warm drinks. (source)

borrowed from wikipedia

4. Check your sweat. This sounds gross, but knowing how much you sweat during a long race (longer than an hour), is a good way to know whether or not plain water will be enough to replenish what you lose in your sweat. Everyone loses minerals at different rates as they sweat, but just recognizing how much you sweat is a great first step. If you want to get fancy, you can do a sweat test to find out more about your own personal sweat rate. To be on the safe side, plan to have some gatorade or coconut water on hand after you’ve been going for an hour or so. (source)

5. Pay attention to your own thirst levels. The old school of thought that we should drink before we’re thirsty isn’t necessarily supported by science. Pay attention to what your body tells you throughout the race day, and have water on-hand and ready when you needed it. (source)

File:Smiling Woman Runner (8425517545).jpg

By Chris Hunkeler from Carlsbad, California, USA (Smiling Woman Runner) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re an AHS employee and planning to attend the ORF, please take pictures and send them to me! Thanks, and GO TEAM HIGHLAND!


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