Happy New Year! Get the Tools You Need!

Happy New Year everyone!

This is an exciting time for Alameda Health System’s Wellness Program. We’ve teamed up in 2014 with Bauman Nutrition, a leading edge holistic group of professionals with nutrition certifications from Bauman College. To get a jump start on the new year, we’re offering every campus a lunchtime series of seminars called Lifestyle Tools to Prevent and Manage Diabetes, Obesity, and Heart Disease. For those of us who can’t make the 12pm start time, we’re also offering a virtual option at 7pm on Wednesday nights, which you can attend from your computer in the comfort of your own home. This series will be geared toward folks already living with these chronic conditions AND those hoping to prevent them. It’s an excellent value at $25 per employee, and we invite you to bring your family members free of charge. Your fee will include a full color text/cookbook co-written by Bauman College’s president, Ed Bauman, food demonstrations, interactive work, lecture, and all course materials. If you are a nurse seeking CEU credits, you will receive 6 credits for attending this class for an additional $10 processing fee.

New logo 9-06This class marks the turning of a new leaf in our employee wellness program and will serve as the bulk of our educational programming for the first quarter of the year. Because of it’s long format (6 courses over 12 weeks with 10 sessions of optional 1-on-1 coaching), it’s a real investment in personal change and health improvement. It’s a great jumping off point for learning goal-setting, the basic building blocks for proper nutrition, behavior change, and lifestyle practices for a sustainable and healthy future — and because we believe in the powerful influence of environment, we encourage and invite your family to come along. The more your support system is involved, the more successful you’ll be!

Please join us! If you’re on campus, you can follow this link to learn more and see the event fliers with dates and times for every campus and the virtual class. If you’re offsite, please check the intranet when you return to work or email me.

For prepayment options and to learn more about Bauman Nutrition, follow this link.

There will definitely be more exciting things happening this year in our Wellness Program, including the roll out of a new competition portal that will take a much more holistic approach than a simple walking challenge. We’re going to start with the ambulatory teams first, and then roll it out to everyone else in the second quarter.

I’m thrilled to get started on this year’s wellness adventures, and I hope you are too!

For some wise information on goal-setting and why getting your mind in the right space before expecting results is the most important first step you can take to guarantee success, check out this awesome post by Matt Frasier of No Meat Athlete.

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