Holiday Recipe Round Up

It’s that time of year to share awesome holiday recipes! This year, we’re doing it a little differently. Often the items with the most sugar and empty calories are the drinks and the desserts. This list provides healthier alternatives to the traditional holiday beverages and desserts. They are by no means sugar free, and they are best consumed in moderation, but they’re great alternatives that might provide you with a little extra nutrition than their traditional counterparts.

Remember, this time of year is about enjoyment, family, friends, cheer, love, joy, and giving. It’s not about fear, so don’t stress too much about your weight this holiday season. Simply try something new that has some alternative ingredients, and instead of focusing on the food and your body, focus on your company and on the joy of the season.

I hope you enjoy the list I’ve compiled! It’s a short one but a good one. Click on the titles for the full recipes.


Dairy-free Egg Nog

coceggnogThis awesome recipe will give you some healthy fats (medium chain trigycerides) to fill you up faster without all the milk sugar. By no means is this sugar-free, but it IS lactose-free for those of us who don’t tolerate that very well. Give it a try

Immune Boosting Mulled Wine

I love that this is a soothing, warming cocktail that has health benefits beyond those commonly associated with red wine!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate/Mocha


I love any opportunity to drink something hot and chocolate-y when it’s as cold outside as it’s been. Share one of these rich and sweet treats by a fire this weekend!


Gluten-Free Pecan Pie


This recipe feels very close to home for me. My family eats pecan pie during the holidays, and my grandmother used to make the very best one.

Pumpkin Creme Cookies

Pumpkin in any form over the holidays is so festive! I love these cookies because they bring in all the flavors of the season without using white flour or refined sugar. And they’re beautiful cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookies (for Santa!)

 You might be thinking that chocolate chip cookies aren’t related to this time of year, but I beg to differ! Growing up, we left chocolate chip cookies out for Santa every Christmas Eve. He’d come in the night, eat his cookies, drink his milk, and give carrots and celery to the reindeer. A perfect chocolate chip cooke for me is chewy and moist — and grain-free! This recipe fits the bill!

Apple Pie Crisp

We tried this delicious concoction at Thanksgiving this year. It’s a great way to get the crunch of a crumble with the joy of a pie crust all in one dessert. This grain-free gem is full of goodness!

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