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Friday’s blog is coming on Thursday this week!

My husband and I were feeling adventurous at the farmer’s market and decided to purchase some duck eggs from a local vendor. We’d had them in a Chinese dish — but they were pickled (and purple!) — and so, so rich and delicious, that we wanted to try to make something with them on our own. Once we got them home, we couldn’t decide what to do with them, so they sat for a while — until last night! I worried we would let them go to waste, so I stepped into my garden, looked around, and came up with a plan.

This recipe uses duck eggs, which I know aren’t all the easy to come by, and might even be freaky for some, but I can assure you, they are DELICIOUS. That being said, if you don’t feel like going out to find them (or are a little weirded out by the thought of using a duck egg), chicken eggs make a perfectly delicious substitute. You just want to add a few more of them.

The other super exciting thing about this recipe is the lack of dairy. Most people think of a frittata or a quiche as eggs and milk/cream. Not so with this one. I used coconut milk instead, and not one bit of flavor, consistency, or creaminess was missing from this scrumptious concoction.

2013-08-15 19.13.19

This is my favorite coconut milk, because it is 100% coconut milk and the tetra pack is BPA-free. We get it at our local 99 Ranch Asian grocery store.

Paired with a salad from our garden, my husband called this dish “Almost Breakfast for Dinner.” (We did eat the leftovers for breakfast this morning too!)

Dairy-Free Duck Egg Frittata

  • 5 fresh duck eggs (can use 7 or 8 chicken eggs instead, preferably pasture-raised)
  • 1 box coconut milk (or 3/4 can)
  • 1/2 lb organic ground pork (turkey, chicken, or beef works too)
  • ghee (or butter)
  • big bowl of fresh greens, chopped (I used arugula and red sorrel from the garden)
  • 3 long scallions, chopped
  • 3 or 4 artichoke bottoms, chopped (can use hearts if you can’t find the bottoms. I just love the bottoms! You can find them in a jar or a can)
  • lemon pepper
  • salt
  • black pepper
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  2. In a large mixing bowl, beat eggs until smooth, slowly adding the coconut milk until all is combined2013-08-15 19.12.47
  3. add in chopped artichoke bottoms, scallions, lemon pepper, salt, and pepper
  4. grease a pie dish with a generous amount of ghee
  5. place chopped greens into greased pie dish2013-08-15 19.12.52
  6. pour egg mixture over greens, making sure the artichoke is evenly distributed and doesn’t end up all in one place, and set aside2013-08-15 19.14.21
  7. heat a skillet with a bit of ghee on the stove and brown the ground pork2013-08-15 19.17.46
  8. once it’s fully cooked, sprinkle over the top of the egg mixture, don’t incorporate2013-08-15 19.23.45
  9. bake for 35 minutes, or until no liquid oozes from the center when you poke it with a fork or knife.
  10. Let it sit for 5 minutes or so before serving2013-08-15 19.50.46

Serve with a green salad and enjoy! We brought Frank’s Red Hot to the table with us for some added kick, but I’m sure any hot sauce would add excitement! Try this recipe this weekend and let me know how it goes!2013-08-15 20.02.21

3 thoughts on “Dairy-Freeeeeettata

  1. This looks soooooo good. I have always wanted to try duck eggs. Quite honestly I have no idea even where to get any. I will have to keep my eyes peeled so I can try this in the way that it was intended. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Thanks for the comment! We got ours at the farmers’ market. You might try an Asian grocery store or a specialty store if your farmers’ market doesn’t have them. Let me know how it goes if you end up trying it!!

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