Green Coco-Java Smoothie

-Toni Sicola, Executive Editor, Health and Wellness Professional


morning view from the beach house in Rai Lai


It’s been almost exactly one year since I returned from a three week trip to Thailand, where I enjoyed ice-cold blended drinks (mostly coconut shakes made with refreshing young coconut water and coconut milk), served by street vendors in the sweltering heat nearly every day.

Fresh young coconut water is nature’s Gatorade — it has the right mix of electrolytes and hydrating qualities that are perfect for summer weather.

This weekend as I sat out in my garden and sipped a cup of coffee using coconut milk as a creamer, I reminisced the joy of drinking smooth, creamy coconut shakes and Thai iced coffees on all of those blistering hot days. It might not be quite so hot in the Bay (today), but it’s still summertime, and this tropical blend is sure to please your palate and leave you satisfied, and even energized. You can vary how much caffeine you want by your blend of beans.

view from a restaurant in Chiang Mai where I enjoyed one of my favorite coconut shakes of the trip

view from a restaurant in Chiang Mai where I enjoyed one of my favorite coconut shakes of the trip

This smoothie has made its way through the ranks of the Smoothie Club at AHS with rave reviews. Unique to this blend is the addition of coffee beans. Using a really powerful blender is key to the success of this drink, otherwise you’ll end up with chunky bits of coffee beans, which some people find funky. I’d recommend either a Nutribullet, a Ninja, or a Vitamix for this one — or finely grind the beans before adding them to the mix.

Green Coco Java

  • 1 fistful fresh spinach
  • 2 to 3 leaves fresh chard (which I pulled from my very own veggie garden!)
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup full fat coconut milk
  • equal parts coconut water and coconut beverage (can also use a nut milk in place of coconut beverage)
  • 1 scoop veggie protein powder
  • between 15 and 25 coffee beans (I use half decaf)
  • 1 large date or 2 small ones
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • ice

There’s no fresh fruit in this smoothie, so load up on the greens! fill the blender mostly with spinach and chard and let everything else fall around them in the blender.

Enjoy this filling green drink while listening to crashing waves on the beach, chirping birds in the garden, or the morning show on your morning commute.

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