Black Forest Smoothie

-Toni Sicola, Executive Editor, Health and Wellness Professional

I realized this morning that I haven’t been posting all the glorious smoothies that we’ve been making here at AHS during our monthly Smoothie Club meetings.

Here’s how our club works. Each month, I think of a name (like Black Forest) and everyone comes up with different ingredients to add to the smoothie using the basic guidelines we provided in our workshops (fruit, veggie, protein, fiber, liquids, superfoods). I try a few different versions, pick the best one, and then we recreate it for the club meeting. Everyone gets a delicious beverage for lunch!

This past Friday evening, I gave a presentation at an El Cerrito community wellness center, Integrative Wellness on how to create healthy and delicious smoothies that follow food combining principles.

While not every smoothie we’ve made at AHS Smoothie Club follows food combining principles, some or most do, so I was able to share some great recipes, and everyone left with full bellies.

Considering the fact that I make a smoothie for myself and my husband nearly 7 days a week, I feel the need to bulk up the smoothie category of this blog, so I’ll be posting recipes a bit more often starting now!

This recipe appeals to the dessert lover in all of us by imitating the German dessert, Black Forest Cake. With maraschino cherries, chocolate cake, whipped cream, and a special German liquor, this cake will blow your daily sugar intake out of the water, but with the ingredients below, only your taste buds will be blown away.

Black Forest

  • Frozen cherries
  • Frozen blackberries (the two berries combined should be about 1/3 a cup)
  • Black walnuts (no more than 4 halves)
  • Dried cranberries (up to 1 tbs)
  • Kale (3 or 4 full leaves — if you don’t have a powerful blender, stem the kale and discard the stems. Keep them in if your blender can take it)
  • 1 scoop unflavored veggie protein powder (I like this one)
  • Raw cacao (1 heaping tbs)
  • Dates (1 or 2, depending on how sweet you want it)
  • Coconut water and almond milk in equal parts
  • Optional: maca powder, chia seeds

Blend this baby up and enjoy a healthy and delicious meal in a glass.

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