Four-Legged Therapy Follow-up

-Toni Sicola, Executive Editor, Health and Wellness Professional

Thank you to everyone who sent me pictures of your adorable pets! Admittedly, in my first post, cats were underrepresented, so I’m glad to see that more cats are in the AHS family (well, I suppose this is the AHS HR family). Of course, I have to include a few more of my own as well. It’s just too irresistible!


Hilarious Haley – I had to add one more of her, because people were asking why I didn’t include this one. This is not a posed picture. This is how she sits. 🙂

Cloud hugging Misty

Misty and Cloud (Jodi in HR)


Adorable Aspen (Than in HR)

dylan 2.2013

Darling Dylan (Gonzalo in HR)


Magnificent Mishka and Merry Mocha (Jeanette in HR)

Cloud Sleeping with Me

Cuddly Cloud (Jodi in HR)


Tame Tyler and Daniel (Robin in HR)

Dazzling Dexter (she should be a model, but I’m not biased)
Paula's Cats

In clockwise order: Izzy, Loki, Quinn, Princess, and Monty (Paula in HR)


Whimsical Whiskey (Jeremy in HR)

Thanks to everyone who contributed! And I’m happy to keep adding to this if anyone else wants to showcase their four-legged children!

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