5 W’s of Local Produce

— Alice Pennes, guest blogger

I’m feeling summer’s splendor right now. The weather has been so warm, late sunlight lends itself to afternoon hikes and everyone around me is abuzz with stories from weekend gatherings, weddings, birthdays and mini getaways. One of the most pronounced and tell tale signs of summer is fresh fruits and veggies.

Part of my job here, as the Wellness Program Intern, has been coordinating the Grub Box prize for the weekly “Journey Around the Bay” winning team. Seeing the beautiful bags of produce delivered, taking my own trips to farmers markets, as well as family & friends gardens I see produce galore and fresh local food aplenty. Not everyone has people they know who grow food but you too can have the freshest, local produce by just knowing where and how to get it. So here is the “Who, What, Where, When” to buying the best produce and “Why” it’s good for you.


Farmers’ Markets bring local farms together under one tent (well, tents) so that folks can come purchase the best produce right from the farmers.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) are farms or groups of farms (farm-shares) who provide produce and other goods to people who pre-order their boxes. Here at ACMC we work with the folks at The People’s Grocery to deliver Grub Boxes to our locations (More info about this great program that benefits individuals and the community on the bottom of this post).

What :

Farmers’ Markets & CSAs are really right at our fingers tips here in the Bay Area.

The produce from the farmers is the freshest you can possibly get.  You can also get meat, dairy, jams, nuts, honey and so many more items from people nearby, practically our neighbors!

When & Where:

Farmers’ Markets are happening everywhere, especially this time of year. They happen on streets in neighborhoods, in hospitals, big parking lots at shopping centers on weekdays and weekends.

CSAs and Farm Shares are just as easy to find. They will deliver to your home, or work and also have pick up sites. You can coordinate with your coworkers, neighbors, or friends to have boxes dropped off at a location of your choice.

To find Farmers’ Markets & CSAs near you click here.


The reasons to get your produce locally are endless! Here are just a few!

You can purchase food grown without pesticides or chemicals on small farms that care for the earth as well as the food they grow.

By purchasing from a farm or a farmer you are getting rid of the middle man and keeping costs down, which means- cheaper for you!

Normally when you buy produce in the grocery store it has been picked FAR AWAY, sat in cooled warehouses, shipped/trucked and then put out on store shelves. The longer food is out of the ground or off the tree the more nutrients it loses. So when you eat locally you are eating the healthiest food you can. This means the food tastes better, your body is getting more nutrients so it’s happier and this also leads to feeling more satiated after eating.

By spending money at your neighborhood farmers’ market or CSA you are supporting your local economy keeping money in our communities.

It’s easy! You can get your fruit and veggies delivered to your home or office. Make a trip to the farmer’s market a family event. Everyone gets to choose the fruit and veggies they want to eat for the week and meet the people who grow your food. Whether you get produce delivered to your door or spend time with your family, you will be spending more time doing things that bring you joy!

The trucks and cars that bring you your food are coming from close by so they are using less gas, creating less traffic and impacting the environment less. What could be bad about this? Using less gas keeps gas prices low, the cost of food cheaper, and less traffic means better air for us to breath.

I hope this post has gotten you excited about some new places to check out fruits and veggies grown near you.  Let us know what you find and if you have any questions about how to prepare fruits and veggies you are curious about! Next week I will be featuring some recipes made with local produce!

Grub Box prices range from $10-25. Everyone has access to their low prices and you can help sponsor a low income family by adding $10 to each box you purchase. They have flexible delivery and payment options. For more information you can contact them here.

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