Kasha Crunch Cereal

-Toni Sicola, Executive Editor and Wellness Professional

These days it’s tough to find a truly healthy breakfast cereal. Whole grain cereals that are processed through an extruder (the machine that makes little “o”s, flakes or rice puffs) become damaged and refined in the process, turning a heart-healthy grain not only into a high-glycemic food, but also into a neurotoxin. (http://www.westonaprice.org/modern-foods/dirty-secrets-of-the-food-processing-industry)

But what about making your own? Below is a simple, flexible recipe for buckwheat granola. This delicious, nutritious, and gluten-free treat not only uses the ACTUAL whole grain, but also packs a punch with a great dose of protein (from the grains and nut butter) to start your day off right.

It can be followed to the letter, or you can add your own twist. You can eat this with milk as cereal or on the trail as a snack. I like to call it Kasha Crunch.

Kasha Crunch:

Prep time: 3 minutes
Cook time: 30 minutes
Mix time: 1 minute

  • Preheat oven to 300 degrees
  • Spread 3 cups raw buckwheat groats across a large cookie sheet and bake for about 40 minutes, shuffling them around about halfway through, until slightly golden

  • In a large bowl, mix
    • ½ cup peanut, almond, or cashew butter (or your favorite nut butter)
    • ½ cup chopped pecans (or your favorite nuts and seeds)
    • 2 tablespoons REAL maple syrup (the kind where the only ingredient is maple syrup) or raw honey (optional)
    • ½ teaspoon cinnamon (optional – delicious with almond butter)
    • pinch of sea salt
    • ½ cup unsweetened dried fruit of your choice (optional)
  • Immediately out of the oven, mix toasted groats into bowl with other ingredients until everything is evenly distributed
  • Let cool
  • Done!

Serving size=1/2 cup (may add milk and/or
fruit for a healthy breakfast cereal)Store in refrigerator in sealed container.

4 thoughts on “Kasha Crunch Cereal

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  2. I had a coworker ask me where she could find the buckwheat groats. You can find buckwheat groats in bulk at most natural grocers, and likely in a box at larger grocers as well. Whole Foods bulk is always a good bet, and it’s very inexpensive, believe it or not!

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